Things to do in Bristol

10 Great Things To Do In Bristol

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You might not have thought of visiting Bristol before. It’s not a city that gets a lot of attention – which is really unfortunate because it has some fantastic attractions and some beautiful scenery.
We wrote this article to help highlight our beautiful and historical city of Bristol. 
Here are just 10 great things to do in Bristol. It is a city with lots to offer and offers a terrific quality of life for everyone living in the area.
And so to Bristol. It is set inland on the beautiful Avon River. With easy access to the Bristol Channel, has a distinguished and illustrious history as one of England’s oldest ports.

In days gone by it was a favoured port of departure for  voyages departing to the New World following John Cabot’s voyage to North America in 1497. To celebrate that famous voyage, the Cabot Tower in Brandon Hill Park was built and opened on the 400th anniversary of Cabot’s historical voyage.

Bristol was also a favoured trading center and Royal headquarters during the English Civil War.

A centre of Shipbuilding has been a pillar of Bristol’s economy for several centuries. this age of shipbuilding reached its pinnacle with Brunel’s construction of the SS Great Britain.

This great ship was built in 1838 and was the first steamship to make regular Atlantic crossings.  Brunel is also famous for designing the famous suspension bridge, which crosses the Avon Gorge – not far from Bristol city.

As a famous son of Bristol, Brunel was also the engineer who was in charge of completing the Great Western Railway between London and Bristol.

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We begin our list of things to do in Bristol

Here are our top 10 things to do in Bristol to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

Bristol has a number of tourist attractions worth making tthe time to see. Among them are more than 30 art galleries and a number of parks. For families with young or old kids, there’s Bristol Zoo. A great place to go visit the in-laws!

The Gardens at Bristol, which is an amazing place that is designed to engage young minds. The fabulous Ashton Court Estate provides a wide variety of outdoor activities for all. With the places listed above – all these and a worthy day trip just outside of Bristol city to the Cheddar Gorge, you’ll find yourself having a busy visit with plenty of things to do during your stay in Bristol.

Time for more history of Bristol now. The old Port of Bristol on the Avon River has been given a modern and creative lease of life with a regeneration program. It has  many wharves and warehouses that have been restored or converted to facilitate modern uses.

In the past is was traditionally known as the Floating Harbour in Bristol, the entire area is now home to a number of museums, art galleries, exhibition centres.
You will also find hhe Bristol Aquarium, the At-Bristol Science Center, and the amazing Arnolfini visual arts, music, and performance center.

Another worthy visit is to the M Shed. This is a museum that concentrates on the history of Bristol city from prehistoric times to the present day.

Outside the M Shed, you can see several restored steam locomotives and the Fairbairn Steam Crane. This was an engineering feat for its time and is the oldest surviving of its type in Britain. Cranes like this one worked around the clock during World War II handling assault landing craft for the war effort.

There are four other cargo cranes on display which help recall the city’s trading heyday in the 1950s.


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