Bristol in the News

Bristol in the News

Here is the latest news from Bristol City

As crazy as it seems, this may be true. This Bristol man may be pulling a publicity stunt to get some attention for his videos or his music. Or he may just be a genuine nut case from Bristol.

When we think of Bristol, we see it as a pretty unremarkable place. It doesn’t often find itself in the national news – which is a good thing. The picture I have of Bristol is it’s a middle class area, and a pretty nice place to live and bring up a family.

Stories like this are probably contrived by someone who is seeking attention for their own purposes. A cheap PR stunt if you like – but that is fine. He is not causing any harm to others and if it gets him his 15 minutes of fame in the local Bristol media then fair play.

Here is the story we read on a local news site for the Bristol area.

Bristol Man makes the local headlines - sort of Bristol in the News

Bristol man with a shed on his head!


Sheds need love too’- meet Michael Shedworth the man with the fire-blasting disco shed on his head

A stalwart of the festival scene, Michael has been seen at Love Saves The Day and Glastonbury Festival


The man spotted walking through Bristol with a miniature shed on his head that blasted fire out of the chimney and played loud electronic dance music is called Michael.


And he’s been gradually souping up his shed over the years, after tentatively stepping out into society with a shed on his head more than four years ago.

Local Bristol man tries his best to make the local news - Bristol in the News

A stalwart of the festival scene, Michael has been seen at Love Saves The Day in Bristol, and at Glastonbury Festival, but is rarely spotted with the shed head ensemble on the streets of Bristol.

That changed on Monday, when he was filmed by a passer-by walking near St Werburgh’s City Farm in Bristol and the video of that encounter soon went viral

But Bristol Live can reveal that Michael has been sporadically showing up on social media for at least the past four years.

The seven minute video is of Michael going for a job interview at Krishna Worldwide, a business services company that was based just off Park Street in Bristol.

The video begins with a soundtrack of the Nick Drake song ‘Man In A Shed’, and sees him tell some builders he passes on the way who inquire about the presence of a shed on his head that he is going for an interview for a job he doesn’t really want.

Inside the company, the man interviewing makes it clear that he would need to take his shed off his head for the interview to proceed and for him to be considered for employment.

In the off-season, he might well wander the city with the shed of fire blasting out music.

And so it was that this week, he was caught on camera strolling up past St Werburgh’s City Farm towards the allotments in Bristol.

A slow news day in Bristol then?

Surely a city with as much art and culture as Bristol; has much more newsworthy items to offer us? Bristol is a great city with a rich naval history and was once a dominant port when Britannia ruled the waves.

I’m sure the sailors who left Bristol port to wage war on the high seas would turn in their graves if they knew about a guy who passes his days by walking around with a little shed on his head.

They’d probably make him walk the plank!

A sad day for Bristol news!

Is this really the best way to get Bristol in the News? We don’t think so…

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